Personal branding and striving for creative ways to get the attention of potential employers, is becoming more of the norm. When I created my “Laura Gainor Utilizing Social Media” SlideShare presentation to get the attention of Comet Branding, I knew I was taking a large risk putting myself out there for one company, but the excitement of the potential result was so exciting.

By expressing eagerness to set himself apart, Alec Brownstein has impressed me with his recent Pay Per Click campaign, “The Google Job Experiment,” to eventually land himself a job at Y&R New York. This is an absolute genius and hidden way to pitch his personal branding campaign through pay per click ads for individuals’ names at agencies of interest for Brownstein.

This shows another unique example how young professionals are using their personal brand to get their foot in the door. It pays off to plan your resume distribution strategically, and in this case for Brownstein, it cost $6.

Congratulations Alec and best wishes to you at Y&R New York!