Many of you use video conferencing, such as Skype, every day to have business video conferences, stay connected with family members, or use the chat features to communicate interoffice. Now with TokBox, you can bring back face-to-face interaction with video messaging.

When I was first introduced to TokBox, I liked the feature of being able to chat with multiple people at one time. Many of my family members use Skype as a way to stay connected and multiple user features was exactly what we needed. As many of you also know, Skype has just announced they will be releasing a feature allowing you to chat with up to five people at one time. With both of these platforms, it all depends on which one has the clearest video stream.

With TokBox you can chat with up to 20 people for free. There are options to upgrade your account to have access to other features, such as scheduling video chats and having a broadcast video chat with up to 200 people. TokBox has a lot of opportunity for growth as they continue to upgrade their features and make sure the streaming of the video conference is seamless.

As I have been testing out Tokbox’s features, what I like the most is the capability to send a video message. It’s very simple to record your video message and send the recipient the recorded video message through an email. The recipient receives an email notification that they’ve received a video message from you that looks like the screenshot below:

The recipient then clicks on the link within the email to directly open the video message in their internet browser, which immediately starts playing the recorded video message. With this video message, you can have it replace a simple email that you would want to send the end user or leave a personal video message for someone. Many times when sending emails, your message can come across differently than intended, or it takes out the personable touch that you’re hoping to achieve. With video messages, it brings back face-to-face interaction to make sure your message is received correctly and help build a relationship.

I’ve recorded a video message for all of you to see and tell you a little more about why I’m excited about video messaging with TokBox.

Click HERE or on the image below to hear my message.