We all get stacks of coupons in the mail and then when we go to a restaurant and want to use them, we realize we have left them at home or didn’t know we had a coupon for that particular restaurant. Shooger has now made that easier by bringing sweet deals directly to your mobile phone.

Shooger is a free app on your iPhone or Android, and will soon be coming to the BlackBerry, that provides¬†consumers with coupons determined by where you’re located or what businesses you’re following.

When using the Shooger mobile app, it determines your location and shows you the deals that are closest to you. Can’t figure out which restaurant you want to eat at that night? Use Shooger to find which restaurant is offering a coupon.

One of the great features I like about Shooger is you can sort which type of business you’re interested in. If I need to take my dog to get a haircut and curious if anyone near me is offering a coupon, I can search for “Pets.” If I am going to get groceries and want to use clipped coupons for the first time in my life, I can sort by “Grocery.”

I think this will encourage our younger generation to start using coupons more. Instead of having the newspaper delivered to our homes, we are reading online and not sorting through the pages of clip-out coupons.

Currently Shooger is pulling coupons from sources like Valpak, so I’m looking forward to seeing which businesses jump on board to offer additional coupons to attract more consumers.

I have also yet to find a business that is jumping on the QR Code bandwagon and bring an interactive element to their coupon by adding a commercial, video message or photos.

Will you be more likely to use coupons now with Shooger? Do you own a business and want to create a coupon with Shooger?

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