Happy Follow Friday everyone. I wanted to give a special Friday mention to my three picks for this week. They are all talented, young professionals in the Milwaukee area that will bring excellent skills to any company.

Mariah Haberman

Mariah is a talented young professional who works in PR + Social Media. She recently graduated college and is already a well-spoken and career driven person. Best of luck to you Mariah!

Twitter: @MariahHaberman

Michael Dilks

Michael is focused on his career and he has done an excellent job of networking within the PR + Social Media industry. Many times it’s tough for young professionals to realize a simple hello and keeping in touch with people can go a long ways, Michael knows just that and how to network successfully.

Best of luck to you Michael as you continue your career!

Twitter: @Michael_Dilks

Carly Nichols

Carly is a talented designer who has excellent skills in designing print materials, as well as websites. She is a focused young professional that has been doing talented freelance work and is also tapping into the social media scene.

Special design shout-out to you, Carly. Great work!

Twitter: @CarlyNichols

Happy Follow Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend.