On Black Friday my husband, Brian, woke up and did his typical routine before he got out of bed…he checked Twitter to see the latest sports stats and what was going on in the sports world.

One of the updates he came across was from @SportsAuthority that said they were giving away 20-$500 gift cards to people that checked-in on Foursquare while shopping in their store.

As a couple who loves social media, we jump to any unique opportunity a company creates to drive awareness to their brand. Feeling a little lucky, we decided to do a little shopping at Sports Authority while visiting family in Eden Prairie, MN.

After both of us checked-in at Sports Authority on Foursquare, to our excitement, Brian Gainor’s name was called over the intercom notifying us we had 10 minutes to get to the register to receive our $500! Unbelievable!

We had some fun posting a few a TwitVid and Twitpics of our shopping experience. We are also going to give-back and donate some toys this Christmas. Young kids playing sports is very important to my husband, so we hope to help out a little one!






Thank you to Foursquare and Sports Authority for keeping our Black Friday exciting. Soical media and geo-location apps will start to make everyone’s shopping experience more thrilling each year. What will be your next promotion?

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