Celebrating ONE YEAR of #CGPayItForward!

For the last year we’ve been teaching Clara and Garrett about giving back and donating to a different cause each week. So many people in these photos have touched our lives, and gave us tears, over the past year. We look forward to continuing to give back and teach the kids about helping others.

To view all of the photos and causes that touched our lives, follow the #CGPayItForward hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Continue reading “Celebrating ONE YEAR of #CGPayItForward!”

30 weeks of heart – #CGPayItForward

There are some special babies that have been on our minds over the past few weeks. Our family and friends mean the world to us and it makes are hearts fight harder if they are the least bit sad.

As we continue to talk to Clara and Garrett about helping others and praying for others, it is heartwarming to think about a new cause each week with #CGPayItForward. Here are some causes that are either near and dear to our hearts or an opportunity to help others that were asking along the way. Continue reading “30 weeks of heart – #CGPayItForward”

Here’s to having healthy and successful futures! #CGPayItForward

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Clara and Garrett are giving this week’s #CGPayItForward to Junior Achievement of Wisconsin to help Wisconsin students receive financial literacy and work readiness education. I look forward to watching these two grow up and hope they have endless opportunities in life, surrounded by inspiring people.

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#CGPayItForward and Give Thanks

As we begin Thanksgiving week, we have a lot to be thankful for: a healthy family, a warm house to come home to, and amazing family and friends to rely on. We also have our typical challenges as a family: trying to get our kids out the door so that we can get to work at a decent time, working hard to save money so that we can provide for the family, and experience days that feel like we were tackled to the floor by two toddlers. Continue reading “#CGPayItForward and Give Thanks”