Smart Business Interviews Rodan + Fields’ President and CEO, Lori Bush

With each article that features Rodan + Fields and its executive leadership team, it makes me realize how fortunate I am to be a part of this company as it continues to dominate the network marketing and direct selling industry.

President and CEO, Lori Bush, was recently interviewed by Smart Business about how the company has grown from $56.9 million in 2011 revenue to $330 million in revenue for 2014. Below is the full feature written by Mark Scott. Continue reading “Smart Business Interviews Rodan + Fields’ President and CEO, Lori Bush”

Top 5 Reasons Why I’ve Joined Rodan + Fields

IMG_1784I’ve recently had family and friends ask me why I’ve become an Executive Consultant for Rodan + Fields. Believe me, if you had asked me a few years ago if I would be going into network marketing and direct sales, I would have said I don’t think I would be good at that. My professional career has been in advertising and the word “sales” always scared me.

Rewind to two and a half years ago, and if I had known what I know now about this great R+F opportunity, I would have jumped at the chance and told my friend Brie “yes, thanks Brie!” when she had called to talk about a business opportunity she thought I would do well with. Simply because Dr. Kathy Rodan and Katie Fields are successful entrepreneurs that are using their clinically-tested skincare products to dominate the $3.9 billion anti-aging market, just like their did for acne with Proactiv. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why I’ve Joined Rodan + Fields”