Request to Facebook: Add Video Messaging to the Event Page Redesign

Request to Facebook: Add Video Messaging to the Event Page Redesign

As you may have noticed, Facebook recently redesigned the look of their event pages. The design looks great and ties into their updated scheme, but I think they are missing out on adding some great new functionalities to the pages.

The redesign got me thinking about how it would be valuable to have the capability to send video messages on Facebook, and particularly on the event pages. Currently you can upload videos or record directly on Facebook, but they are missing out on a huge piece with not having real-time options to be social through videos.

My request to Facebook is to add a video messaging feature within the platform, such as Tokbox, so you can send a personal video message to friends in real-time privately, or have the option to bring more life to event pages. Businesses would have an opportunity to bring more social aspects to event pages, giving fans a reason to re-visit the event pages instead of just one time to RSVP.

Tokbox has many features that would be useful on Facebook, such as sending private messages to your friends, record video messages to publicly promote on Facebook, Twitter or embed directly on your blog. It would be great to have private video functionalities in Facebook so you didn’t need to utilize other platforms. I guess privacy is the big question here though with Facebook.

Would you like to see more social opportunities with Facebook’s event pages? Would you use a video messaging feature to send messages to your friends or fans? What is your request to Facebook?